The Unending Struggle for Relevance



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About the Book

No leader has ever emerged out of a vacuum. Leadership is always shaped by emergent challenges and is purpose driven. However, the continuing challenge for the human cause is to ensure that the purpose remains ethical.
Change is impossible to predict. How will your business respond to it?  Thabang Motsohi, in his best-selling book Fit for Purpose, explored the ability of people in top leadership positions to both anticipate and dynamically react to changes in the ecosystem of their industry. Internationally renowned consultant on leadership, strategy and implementation, Ian Mann, called it “a necessary read for all who run organisations”.
From Motsohi’s pen now comes the eagerly anticipated The Unending Struggle For Relevance; a practical guide and knowledge resource. With its elegantly simple way of unpacking complex strategic issues, it bridges the gap between concepts and their application so effectively that it might leave you astounded at the reality it opens you up to. Do you have what it takes to safely navigate your business through socio-political upheaval and increasing levels of economic uncertainty?

About the Author

Thabang Motsohi is a highly experienced and leading organizational strategy consultant and is in the top tier in the country in this sector. His experience spans over twenty years. His knowledge and forte are anchored in evaluating and validating the viability of growth strategies and prospects of complex organizations within their dynamic and competitive operating contexts.

He has assisted various organizations in the development of their competitive strategies and performance drivers for their business models. Thabang Motsohi has published scholarly articles since 2009 on development policy and strategy and how state policy must be structured to address fundamental socio-economic challenges in the South African context.

The simplicity and clarity of the concepts of purpose; strategic planning and execution; contextual thinking; and the framework for ‘’Fit for Purpose’’ that form the theme of his book, attest to his deep experience.