The Priest’s Journey

Was the dream a foretelling of the future? Find out as Rajendra leads you through the labyrinth of life.

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About the Book

After a seemingly prophetic dream, Rajendra realises his life might be shorter than anticipated. Difficult childhood issues resurface as he prepares to share his knowledge with the next generation in his conservative Tongaat community.

Navigating the hidden rivalries and personal interests of those in the community requires the support of his close friends and beloved guru to ensure that what needs to be done, is done.

Was the dream a foretelling of the future? Find out as Rajendra leads you through the labyrinth of life.

About the Author

Sivalingum V. Rungan (Siva) is a native of Tongaat. He left his hometown in 1998 to pursue his legal career and thereafter an academic one, which culminated in a PhD. His journey led him from Bloemfontein to Scotland, to Johannesburg and then Centurion.

The Priest’s Journey fulfils his longstanding dream of writing a book based in the town of his birth. He hopes that his writing would encourage people to look at each other with a less critical eye and seeing each other as fellow human beings sharing a journey through life.

He credits his inspiration to the town of his birth and his lovely wife, Sandra, his personal North Star.

Reader Reviews

“What do you do when you realise that you have received a sign that your death is nearer than you expected? Rajendra takes us on a journey which is as disturbing as it is healing. This author has created a work that is inspiring and intriguing and I can’t wait for the next installment!”

Kim Hunter, Book Blogger