I am a Criminal

Our country suffers greatly as a result of crime and fraud in all sectors of the economy. Billions of Rands are lost annually. In the medical aid field alone, a figure of R22 billion was mentioned for 2017. This book was inspired by my desire to understand the thinking of medical aid members and healthcare providers who commit fraud.

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About the Book

Why has hearing about fraud and corruption in the news become ordinary?

Dive into a world of criminal deception as the author, a “criminal in continuous rehabilitation himself”, takes you deep into a world of carefully planned deception in South Africa’s medical aid sector that has cost our country billions over the last few years.

Working as an independent forensic consultant in the corporate world, Samuel Maphalane has some explosive real-life accounts, insider information and fascinating quotes to share. And for the first time, he is sharing his experiences with the public. You simply cannot afford to be left behind in the dark.

About the Author

Sam Maphalane - I am a Criminal

Sam Maphalane is a qualified independent Fraud Risk Ethics and Governance Consultant. He is a Public Speaker and Competent Communicator Toastmaster. Sam has more than 15 years’ experience in Private Healthcare including Investigation in Healthcare.

He is a former board member and Board Chairperson in Public healthcare for Gauteng Province at Dr George Mukhari academic Hospital. Sam calls himself a serial entrepreneur.Sam is married and has 3 kids.

He has the following qualifications:

  • Criminal Justice Forensics Investigations Diploma from University of Johannesburg.
  • Program in Forensics and Investigative Auditing from UNISA.
  • Diploma in Project Management from Damelin.
  • Project Management University of Stellenbosch and many business and fraud related short courses and business process improvement training.
  • Certified Ethics Officer

Reader Reviews

Courageous and Revealing.

Mosiuoa Lekota

All who matter know about it, but they do very little to solve it

City Press

I can confidently ask: if we’re indeed losing money in the region of R22bn annually, how much cheaper could the medical aid premiums be if we dealt with this crime?